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Customer Review

A review is nothing but expressing opinion/views about a product by the customer directly. The views include both positive and…

A review is nothing but expressing opinion/views about a product by the customer directly. The views include both positive and negative comments. The reviews would be given mostly to a product or an organization/concern.

These reviews by the customers act as the backbone for the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer can improve the product to achieve better quality. The first review of a new product serves as a sign of hope for the people who search for that particular product since people would decide whether to buy that product or not.

A customer review is essential for each and every product mainly that are sold on online websites. Since people couldn’t interact with the manufacturer regarding the product, they come to know about the product only after reading the customer reviews. Every customer would have posted his/her review very truly either it may be an appreciation or he/she would have pointed out the fault in it.

Thus the manufacturer also comes to know about the fault so that he/she could rectify it to achieve the best product. In case of an organization, people/company who would like to have a tie-up with a particular organization will look for the reviews whether the company has come out with best quality experiences.

Also in case, the company is an employer, people who search for a job will also go through the review section first. Since the reviews posted by the current/existing employee would have expressed his/her views about the company.

Here the views include employee welfare, salary, company’s environment and regarding the interviews. Thus the people who have their wish to join the company would be highly helpful to choose their career.

Customer reviews are like mirrors that reflect the facts about the company or product. There will not be any false promises. People who don’t have any opinion about a new product are also advisable to check out with the customer reviews to get a clear idea of the product. A customer review is like a mutual understanding between the manufacturer and the buyer.

People from the manufacturing side would be beneficial also the people who opt for the product are also beneficial, since people from the seller side would come to know about the positives and negatives of the product and the buyers would come out with a new idea of the product by reading the older reviews posted by the customers.

Customer reviews play a major role in social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Since crores and crores of people are connected through social media, customer reviews mainly serve as the breakthrough for the top leading companies. Since leading companies can’t obtain direct views from their customers, they move on to social media and so customer review thus act as a bridge between the manufacturer and the customer.