Is ‘Head Start’ having the meaning to discuss or known?

Why in these days most of the Parents having so worried about the little kids towards ‘Head Start’ activity/program? Our…

Why in these days most of the Parents having so worried about the little kids towards ‘Head Start’ activity/program?

Our fellow Indians have the belief that a child can start her functioning (including ‘head starts’)even at the time of mother womb. In this regard, we have a peach of evidence in our “Puranas, Ishihara’s and Upanishads.

Discussions with a child ‘head start’ and the reasons for the worry of the parents relating to ‘head start’ is having 100% meaning in these days of present living context.

As we are all aware that a child at the age of 0-5 years is 90% creative rather than that of an attained age men or women. During the age, a child is showing interest in recognizing and memorizing the surrounding environment, things, and people associated with him/her.

What is the right Method for Head Start?

In this context, what is a right method, which could be more apt to generalize on a child ‘head start’

We as a parent of a child can notice our child psychology. There are numerous various our child in his/her psychology during age group from 0 to 14 years.

But the context of ‘head start’ is prominent at the age of 2 and 5 years of age.

This is the finest age group of a child. During this age group, a child could able to ‘leasing the mother language, grasping of the phonetics of the language and start the imitation. I personally feel this is the right age to make child literacy not only in his/her mother tongue but also in English. Because English is the language, it is having the universally accepted status across the world.

Reading Head Start Reviews

The 2 to 5 years age group is a crucial age group of a child’s life, during the age group a child’s mental ability to recognize the ‘items its shape, color’ is simply amazing. For that reason, every parent should take initiation and spend his/her time with the child.

The parent who could spend a valuable time with his/her child is having two benefits. Firstly, the parent gets the child’s attention and acquainted with his/her psychology that in turn leads to planning for a better way for his/her ‘head start’ the process. Secondly, the child got an advantage of an effective ‘head start’, which makes him/her more efficient in years to come.

How to design the best Model for Head Start of a Child?

Here is the question how a parent can design the best ‘head start’ program for his/her child. It is very simple to an get answer to this question.

Initially, a parent should acquaint with the child psychology and start with a small way. It means that, at the beginning of the ‘head start’ activity, the parent can show the ‘picture of alphabets’, and its related picture. For example, to make about the alphabet in English – ‘A’, the parent can show the picture of ‘A’ and other picture having the word start with the Alphabet ‘A’. Here the parent should have a need to spell the alphabet and the word as many times as possible in regular intervals in a right manner.

This type of action can work on the subconscious mind of the child and it will record properly and it, in turn, makes the child to memorize and reproduce the same.

Awareness about the Reading Head Start of a child between the parents is an important issue in the present context of life molding of a child. There is no doubt an apt Head Start of a child will definitely help in the building of his/her career in the future.

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