What is Tea & how it is prepared usually! Good morning friends I am an Indian and I have been…

What is Tea & how it is prepared usually!

Good morning friends I am an Indian and I have been taking Tea since my childhood. My day starts with a full mug of Tea. Like me, hundreds and thousands of people in the world have been and are taking tea every day. It is consumed as a refreshing drink and believed to have a mind stimulating effect.

It is also very easy to prepare tea at home. Usually, a small container/pot is used for its preparation.  The water of around 100 ml or so is boiled. When the water is about to boil, the raw tea as available in departmental stores is added.  Approximately one teaspoon full of raw, processed tea granules is used for one cup of tea. Once the water reaches boiling point, the flavor of tea enters the water and color of water changes to black.

To this mixture again as per individual’s choice either ginger powder ( a pinch full ) or Mint leaves from the kitchen garden are added. Subsequently, fresh milk and sugar are added. The mixture is kept on low temperature and a lid is put on the container/pot and allowed to brew.

Subsequently, hot tea is poured into a cup or mug through a filter. Tea is usually consumed hot and gives a refreshing feeling to the drinker. The aroma also spreads across your kitchen and living room.

History of Tea:

It is believed that Tea was invented by a Chinese emperor Shen Nung.  He was sitting under a tree with a bowl of hot water when a leaf of the plant accidentally dropped in the bowl.  When the emperor drank the water he realized that the flavor of water had changed.  It tasted better and refreshing. It is said that Tea was consumed during that time with both hot as well as cold water.  Chinese traders slowly started the sale of Tea to the neighboring area such as India and Japan.

History of Tea in India

Tea was introduced in India by the British Government.  The seeds of the Chinese tea were offered for cultivation for export. The land was allotted in Assam by British Government to anyone, especially European National.   In 1820 British East India Company started large-scale production and sale of Tea in India.

Spread of Tea as a commercial product

Chinese traders started growing tea and trading in the nearby countries, like India.  They also introduced tea in Japan by Buddhist Monks. It became a part of their spiritual and religious ceremonies. Subsequently, tea as a drink was spread to European Countries. It achieved a great commercial value for the cultivators and traders.

Slowly whole of the world started consuming one or the other form of tea. Thomas Johnson Lipton first opened a Tea Shop in Glasgow, Scotland. It quickly became a social drink and people started consuming it on meetings and gatherings.  However, India remained the highest tea producer in the world for almost 100 years.

Most of the tea grown in India was also sold in India as almost every Indian consumed 1/2 cup of tea on an average per day. Tea was a hot cake product for countries and was also responsible for the change of fortunes of many Indian and Foreign European Countries. Many Acts were formed by different countries to regulate demand, supply, consumption, and sale of Tea in their countries.  New Taxes were also introduced to give local companies an equal playing field.

How is Tea prepared commercially?

Tea is made up of dried leaves of a plant known as Camellia Sinensis. First of all tender leaves of the plant are plucked and gathered and then dried.  Subsequently, they are processed in converted into small granules.  They are then packed in airtight containers or bags and sold to consumers. There are vast gardens in India owned by big Indian and Multi-National Companies. Most of these gardens are set up in the State of Assam, in India.  They were set up by the aid of British East India Company when India was under British rule. They are called tea gardens.

These Tea Estates also generated local employment opportunities and many rural households are dependent on these tea gardens or plantations. Many research and development in Tea have production has occurred since then.  The superior quality of seeds which produce tea of elite flavors has been developed. Darjeeling in West Bengal is one such place where tea produced and processed is of very high quality and is exported to many countries.

Type of Tea’s

These granules are brewed with plain water.  After boiling the aroma of the tea granules gets transferred into the water. To this mixture milk and sugar are added. This type of tea is called White Tea. Then the mixture is filtered and served hot to the guests.  Adding of milk and sugar is very common in Tea.

However due to, change in times and likings, some people prefer black tea. Black tea is nothing but the mixture without adding sugar and milk. Other flavors such as of Ginger Tea and Mint Tea (leaves) are also added while brewing tea and is liked by many people in the world.

Also, some people prefer Lemonwhereinre in few drops of lemon juice is added to black tea. There is also a new product on the market called Green Tea and have many benefits such as detoxification of the body, helping weight loss, prevention of cancer.

Red Tea Detox

Red Tea and Detox are very simple words and have their obvious meanings. That is it is a type of Tea to detoxify your body.

Red Tea Detox is a programme to lose weight. The consumer says that this weight loss programme is associated with a special type of tea which is called Red Tea to be consumed along with the weight loss programme works very easy, fast and amazing.

It is claimed that unlike Black or Green Teas available in the market, the product ‘Red Tea’ is different. It does not contain caffeine as is found in other types of Teas.  Red Tea is a special type of tea found in the jungles of Africa and was drank by people to reduce their appetite for food. The tea, Red Tea Detox is completely caffeine free and does not have any side effects on human body.

The tea was invented by a lady naturopath who had about 10 long years’ experience, apart from her psychology degree. She says that she herself had struggled in her late teen ages for remaining fit and fat-free. She understands the requirement of that age group and wants to make changes in their lives and help them reduce or maintain weight.

Benefits of Red Tea Detox Program

  • The program is natural and can be used by everyone.
  • Results are visible in only 14 days.
  • Its results increases self-esteem and gets rid of depression
  • It improves interpersonal relationships for moods are controlled
  • Its natural hence has no side effects.
  • Does not call for extreme lifestyle change
  • It cleanses the body of toxins and fats thus the body becomes healthier.

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