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Reviews are Feedback

Transparency of the products is needed to catch the attention of customers, even without touching or seeing the product yet,…

A review may sound simple, but it matters a lot to sellers and businessmen. Reviews are feedbacks given by customers/consumers to certain products or services. Through customers’ reviews, sellers could verify whether they’re giving quality products and services to people or not.

People want to purchase items in the comfort of their homes, so online businesses are widespread. With that, a lot of sellers use different techniques and approaches to catch the attention of the customers. There are those who offer free shipment, coupons, points, and others and these sellers tend to have positive reviews and they are likely to be recommended to others.

But there are also those who take advantage of this trend, and they called scammers. They post products online, get the trusts of the customers and suddenly accept payments but until there only. No shipment, no products were ordered, but they were only scammed.

Therefore, customers post negative reviews on the sellers’ shop, and this will be taken as precautionary information to others to plan to order on the said seller again. In this case, reviews from customers really leave a great scar on the seller’s reputation and made future customers not to get scammed thanks to the reviews posted.

I who loves to order online, when I go through the products, and when I got my interest hyped up on a certain item, I then looked into its reviews immediately. Through this, I got to know if it’s great or not and if it has good quality or not. That’s why reviews are really that important. It does not only lead to answering all the thoughts in your head, but it let you pass the information to the seller if you are enjoying the product, or if it is an epic fail product.

Reviews are like your window to the online selling world. It makes you see the real quality of the products through other people’s opinion. So, to sellers, encourage the customers to leave reviews right after their every order and give them ratings as well in return. In this way, you are giving back the effort given by customers and it would likely to increase your income and increase the number of your customers as well.

Transparency of the products is needed to catch the attention of customers, even without touching or seeing the product yet, and this is through reviews again. Yes, I already have given a lot of definition about reviews, and I tend to point out to similar ideas, but I really want to stress out its importance through this way.

Repeating the idea itself is like reminding the readers to really feel the importance of one thing, and I hope you readers would likely to grasp my point in this one.

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