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Why Reviews by Real Customers are Important

Customer reviews are a great way to establish c the edibility of your business. No matter what you sell, prospective…

Customer reviews are a great way to establish c the edibility of your business. No matter what you sell, prospective customers would like to know if other people have purchased your products or services and whether they had a good experience with you or not. Apart from the obvious, there are many other reasons to collect real customer reviews.

  • Firstly, genuine feedbacks by customers offer you important insights into the customer behaviour. From these reviews, you understand what people like about your offering and what they do not. This eventually helps you improve your product or service.
  • When collected, and used smartly, customer reviews can go a long way in improving your online presence and Google search ranking. More reviews lead to more visibility for you across various forums. Google and other search engines are also smart enough to understand this and they can reward you for having good ratings and feedbacks.
  • Reviews are also a great way to maintain and develop customer relationships. Even if someone leaves a critical review, you should respond and try to sort out the issue. This will not only turn that person into a satisfied and loyal customer, but also will encourage other customers as they will see that you care about your customers and you are quick in dealing with the grievances.
  • Reviews, in a way, can be considered free content for your business. People can leave reviews in social media, in your site, or in other third party websites. But whenever they mention your brand name, that eventually helps your online presence and visibility.

So, as you can see, reviews can be a great marketing tool. However, you must be careful in using the same. For example, it can be tempting to flood the web with fake reviews but you should resist yourself from such practices.

Apart from ethical and potentially legal issues, it can seriously hurt your credibility if it gets detected. Also, modern day customers are smart enough to differentiate between a genuine comment and a spam one by a bot. So, the focus should always be in collecting real reviews by real customers and displaying them in an effective manner.

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