What are customer reviews

‘Views That Shape Your Mind – Reviews’

Opinions have always been a part and parcel of life, we might not follow each of them but we surely have to listen to all of them. Like ‘Every eye has its own sight’ similarly ‘Every mind has its own views’. As every exam comes with marks evaluation, every act comes with an assessment that is what we call reviews. A review might be an appreciation or criticism, no matter how it came in but its percentage analysis always dominates and regardless of anything the majority reviews are prioritized. Nowadays, reviews have become such an integral part of our daily life that even before booking a movie ticket we prefer to check the movie reviews. We might not show that reviews actually affect us but directly or indirectly it does.
We are brought up in a society where our own views are suppressed by others reviews. So let your views stand and make you feel yourself you gotta suppress all those reviews or rather stand by your views.

Customer Reviews

A review is nothing but expressing opinion/views about a product by the customer directly. The views include both positive and negative comments. The reviews would be given mostly to a product or an organization/concern. These reviews by the customers act as the backbone for the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer can improve the product to achieve better quality.

The first review of a new product serves as a sign of hope for the people who search for that particular product since people would decide whether to buy that product or not. Since people couldn’t interact with the manufacturer regarding the product, they come to know about the product only after reading the customer reviews. Every customer would have posted his/her review very truly either it may be an appreciation or he/she would have pointed out the fault in it.

Thus the manufacturer also comes to know about the fault so that he/she could rectify it to achieve the best product. In case of an organization, people/company who would like to have a tie-up with a particular organization will look for the reviews whether the company has come out with best quality experiences.

Also in case, the company is an employer, people who search for a job will also go through the review section first. Since the reviews posted by the current/existing employee would have expressed his/her views about the company. Here the views include employee welfare, salary, company’s environment and regarding the interviews. Thus the people who have their wish to join the company would be highly helpful to choose their career.

Customer reviews are like mirrors that reflect the facts about the company or product. There will not be any false promises. People who don’t have any opinion about a new product are also advisable to check out with the customer reviews to get a clear idea of the product.

A customer review is like a mutual understanding between the manufacturer and the buyer. People from the manufacturing side would be beneficial also the people who opt for the product are also beneficial, since people from the seller side would come to know about the positives and negatives of the product and the buyers would come out with a new idea of the product by reading the older reviews posted by the customers.

Do you read Reviews?

How many times have you purchased a product and brought it home, only to discover it was not what you were expecting? Despite the salesperson assuring you that it was. There are very few things as frustrating as realizing that you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a dud.

How do you avoid the disappointment? Read the review.

Product reviews have become essential reading when you’re in the market to buy a new product. In this day and age when we have so many options, it’s often difficult to differentiate one product from another. If you’re about to splash out on a big- ticket item you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Just like adolescents we, as buyers, are influenced by our peers. If you have two items, similar in nature, performance, and price, the only way to know which one is right for you, is to test the product.  However, in most cases, the store won’t allow you to take something home just to try it out. A well-written product review will tell you what you need to know, by someone who has already used the product and has formed an opinion on its value.

A product review will tell you what the product was used for, how well it worked, and if it served its advertised purpose. If you’re reading the reviews online, it’s easy to compare one item with another, without walking from store to store.

Product reviews also help advertisers and sellers. They cement their reputation as a seller of high-quality products and show they genuinely care what their customers think about their products. Even a negative product review can be helpful for a seller. It can often tell them which products are popular and which products are considered good value for money. After all, if nobody wants to buy your products, you’re not going to stay in business too long.

Most of us like to get a bargain and we like to think we are smart enough to buy products that are great value for money. The best way to ensure a successful purchase is to read what other people are saying about it. Unlike salespeople, the reviewers don’t need your money, or to make a sale. In the case of a negative review, the reviewer usually feels that it’s they’re a duty to share information so that the reader doesn’t make the same mistake they did. In the case of a positive review, sharing that information is a way of thanking the manufacturer.

Considering all the information that’s available to you, why would you ever buy a product without reading a review?